21 Juli 2012

New Profile on Postcrossing

My name is Nadia. I live in Jogjakarta, Java Island, Indonesia.
I like reading great books, travelling, logging in twitter, and writing love-letters.

I'm an architecture student, and I love heritage building.
If you have any card with old building, old photo, old card, old advertise, or something retro, you can sent me that one.

I also like cards with handmade sketches, graphic-design pictures, pop-arts, or mural-grafities.
It will be nice if it's your own drawings.
Sometimes I send graphic-design pictures as postcards to others, people like them, but I do really sorry that I can't sent the same postcard, because I just make one of them.

I'm an activist. Hmm, let's say, amateur activist.
I care about the world hunger issue, water crisis issue, and third-world's problems.
The otherside, I hate the global capitalism and consumption, Palestinian occupation, and never ending wars.
I hope my excistence can make a little difference to this world.

I want to make a lot of friends around the world.
If you want to be my penpal, just tell me in your postcard.
I will be happy to have a far away penpal.

But if you don't have any idea which one the right postcard for me, you can sent any card you like :D

Let's make a better world!
See ya!


Kira-kira kalau aku pake profil ini, orang-orang jadi ndak ya ngirimin aku kartu pos? Hahahaha.

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