17 Juli 2012

Arsip Kicauan @DearObesePeople yang Pernah Terdengar

Aku suka sekali akun @DearObesePeople, dan marah begitu hanya dalam 5hari aktifnya ia disensor @twitter. 25-30Juni. Maka kumpulan twit ini kuarsipkan untuk diselamatkan.

Capitalism is an obese system trying to recreate citizens in its image. To fight obesity citizens must resist all consumerist and capitalist values.

Obesity is caused by a proliferation of the consumerist culture; you cannot lose weight until you take a political stand against consumerism.

Gluttony is a social sickness, it is loneliness, it is addiction;engage politically with society and your gluttonous inclinations will abate.

Gluttony is a sin against starving children, against mothers who can't afford to feed their children; share your world, eat less.

Seize control of your body, shed away the fat, devour the heavy lethargy, move towards political activeness.

Food commercials are poison for the mind; they are designed to brainwash you into feeling physically hungry.

You must see weight loss as your way of working towards a new less consumptive social system.

Fast food is addictive, there's no such thing as one bite or one sip; avoid it completely and start preaching against it.

Gluttony is caused by high reward foods: fats, oil, sugars, junk food; nobody is a glutton for vegetables.

Do not be a slave to food; do not allow fast-food corporations to control your personal urges and desires.

Overcome your physical hunger by organizing others and by participating in non-consumptive group activities.

Cleanse your spirit by turning your body into a revolutionary machine instead of a fast-food-eating-machine.
Junk food is terrible for your body and your mind; the sugars literally eat away at your brain cells.
Avoid eating at all restaurants; they use cheap ingredients to increase profit margins while your body and wallet lose.
Eat less not for the sake of vain desires but for the sake of creating a world where all human beings share equally in resources.
Fast food is chemically enhanced to insure that citizens become customers and customers become addicts.
Fast food should be the first thing that you abolish from your life if you seriously intend to seize your body back.
Turn weight loss into a political act; use it to embolden yourself, to build a healthy, revolutionary, psychology.
Your desire to overeat stems from a general social mood of excessive consumption; sever your consumerist drive.
A healthy body will make it easier for you to feel motivated on every level, including the political and social levels.
Overeating is a selfish act that is promoted by a brutally selfish consumerist society.
Free your mind from addictions to overeating by shifting your energy, away from the consumptive, towards the creatively productive.
Free your mind from attachments to food by revolutionizing the way you see yourself and your society.
Your spiritual hunger is the cause of your weight problems; the human soul demands action, freedom, social vitality, not addictive fries.
Capitalism encourages citizens to be greedy, gluttonous and avaricious; decapitalize your soul, seize your world!
Your desire to overeat stems from the fact that capitalism is a greedy system and it wants to create citizens in its own image.
Use the spiritual energy of revolution to turn your hunger into a political hunger for freedom and equality.
To destroy your obesity problem, you have to change the way you see yourself; you must become an active citizen not a passive consumer.
Learn how the corporate class profits economically from an obese populace.
Avoid all expensive, pretentious, foods; avoid heavy complicated foods, eat simple foods: vegetables, fruits, bread, etc etc.
You must see weight loss as your way of lowering your intake of calories, energy, resources.
You must subdue your voracious appetite for food by deconstructing your mind's attachments to consumerist values.
Be cognizant of the fact that food ads attempt to turn your spiritual and political hungers into a hunger for burgers and fries.
Overcome your addiction to food by focusing your energy on other things: physical activities, political activities, social activities.
Junk food is riddled with chemicals, with preservatives, with thousands of excess calories that your body does not need.
Capitalism is an obese political system and it conditions citizens to crave food in the same way that it craves resources (eg. oil).
Cook your own food, understand what you are eating; you will burn calories while cooking and it will reduce your food intake.
The mass media sells food addiction; it is scientifically proven that turning off the TV results in eating less.
Avoid eating at all restaurants; they turn eating into a socially consumptive experience and this will continue to result in overeating.
Junk food should never be used to satisfy sudden bouts of hunger; eat an orange, an apple, or simply wait for meal time.
Binge eating will not only ruin your body, it will make you more addicted to food; the goal is to shed the fat by shedding the addiction.
A healthy body is far more likely to revolt against the capitalist class than a lethargic, overweight, weighed-down, body.
Gluttony is a sin against every single starving human being in this world.
Detach yourself from food whenever you feel a violent desire to eat; go for a walk, eat an apple, read a book, call a friend.
Revolutionize your mind by slowing down your eating and speeding up your political aspirations.
Share your meals with others; split your sandwich and share it with another, the more you share, the more calories you will lose!
The upper class wants you obese and unenergetic; so that you may not become an active, revolutionary, citizen.
Eat all of your leftovers; this will help you build a less commercial understanding of food and your food eating habits.
Avoid eating at all restaurants; they turn food and eating into a commodity which turns you into a consumptive entity.
Fast food corporations use emotional branding to control the eating urges of children as young as 3 months; avoid all fast food.
Your desire to overeat stems from living in a capitalist society that's obsessed with more, more food, more products, more purchases.
Cook your own food; even something as simple as preparing your own sandwich is far superior to buying ready meals.
Turn weight loss into a political act against an upper class who wants to fatten you up and keep you socially lethargic.
The mass media is owned by the capitalist class and their goal is to intensify your consumptive appetites so they can make more profits.
Obesity is caused by the proliferation of selfish, greedy, capitalist values; part of losing weight is denouncing capitalist-consumerism.
Cook your own food; this is perhaps the most important factor in losing weight.
Abolish your fears of hunger; they have become unnaturally intense because every food commercial reminds you that you're 'hungry'.
Revolutionize your mind by moving towards a healthy body, free of excess fat and violent eating urges.
Liberate your soul from the sickness of materialistic obsession; desire freedom, desire justice, desire a new world.

Capitalism is an obese political system and this is the reason why capitalist societies are facing a morbid obesity crisis.

Gluttony is a sin against humanity and the billions who sleep hungry each night.

Be cognizant of that fact that food ads are made to manipulate the viewer into desiring corporate, manufactured, unhealthy, food.

Weight loss surgeries are useless; the way to lose weight is to revolutionize the way you see consumption and the consumerist society.

Liberate your soul from the heavy weights of consumptive habits; become lighter, more alive, more ready for political action.

Shift your perceptions of happiness; happiness is building, creating, sharing, not consuming all alone in a corporate food chain.

Do not be a slave to food; eat to live, never live to eat.

Capitalism encourages beastly appetites because that's how it generates mindless growth; decapitalize your instincts!

Seize control of your body, seize control of your will power, seize control of your energy; be lethargic no more!


Take actions then!

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